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Afternoon Plus Classes

Afternoon Classes that Ensure your Academic Progress

Our Afternoon Plus Classes are designed to give you further knowledge and practice after you finish your Global English, IELTS Preparation or University Preparation lessons. Plus Classes are interactive English classes that give you profound knowledge of a specific area of English, and then give you a chance to practice the English skills you have learned.

Students can choose from a range of different Afternoon Plus Classes in this time slot.

The VGC Difference

  • The ideal complement to the core classes, helping you to improve your English language skills quickly and build a solid foundation.
  • Encourages you to apply the knowledge to practical situations to grow in confidence when speaking English.
  • Encourages active learning and makes sure students can level up as fast as possible.
  • It allows students to engage in a proactive learning experience, making English learning in Vancouver memorable.
  • Addresses different learning styles and skills.