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Apply to VGC

To apply to VGC International College, please follow these simple instructions below.

STEP 1: Choose your Program(s)

Choose from a variety of VGC programs.

STEP 3: Send your Enrolment Contract to VGC and Pay your VGC Fees

  • Send the filled out Enrolment Contract to, and a VGC staff member will contact you within 24 hours with an invoice.
  • Send Payment. Please click here to see how to “make a payment”

VGC reserves the right to accept or refuse student applications to study or extend at VGC.

STEP 4: VGC will send a Letter of Acceptance (LoA)

Once payment is received, VGC will send you a Letter of Acceptance.

STEP 5: Fill out a form to request for a Provincial Attestation Letter (if needed)