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Diploma in Managing Customer Relationships (optional Co-Op)


The Diploma in Managing Customer Relationships equips students with a comprehensive set of theories, skills, and practices on the most effective ways to manage customer relationships in a business environment. This program includes sales techniques, managing customer expectations, and understanding customers in a North American business setting. Students will gain knowledge through individual and group based instructional models. The Co-Op student will then go on to apply these lessons to their job placement while gaining work experience.

  • Marketing Essentials
  • Applied Leadership in the Workplace
  • Practical Sales Techniques
  • Practical Business Calculations
  • Principles of Managing Customer Relationships
  • Introduction to Canadian Business Management


Upon the completion of this diploma, the successful student will:

  • have a good understanding of business terms, theories and organizational structure for Canadian business.
  •  be able to use basic mathematics for everyday business calculations.
  • prepare and execute various customer service strategies.
  • demonstrate effective communication skills in business writing and business presentations.
  • recall, generalize and demonstrate leadership skills as they relate to staff management and customer management.
  • have a good understanding of, and be able to apply marketing strategies to business.
  • successfully apply these skills to a real working environment.

Co-op Work Experience (optional)

The paid Co-Op Work Experience portion is an important part of the practical side of this program. This is where the student applies the theoretical lessons learned in the academic class to the real world. It is designed to give the student experience in a Canadian work setting that supports the learning objectives of their class.

Over the course of the academic program, Co-Op students will take a four-week Job Search course. This course will run in the afternoon and prepare them for the Co-Op section. It will help students with researching employment opportunities, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and building a professional image.

Throughout the academic and Co-Op portions of this program you will receive the support from our Co-Op Coordinator who will work with you to help find a suitable work opportunity and assist you to successfully complete the Co-Op portion of the program. At the end of the work experience, the student is required to come back to VGC and complete their two-week Capstone portion of this program before graduating.

  • Program Information

    Monday to Thursday – 8:45am to 1:50pm
    Friday – 8:45am to 11:45am

    Class start and end times may vary as schedules will be modified to accommodate Canadian holidays.

    PTIB Approved Program
    This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

  • Duration

    Diploma Only:

    • 520 hours of instruction, 26 weeks in duration.

    Diploma with Co-op:

    • 50 weeks (24 weeks of academic study + 24 weeks of Co-Op + two weeks of Capstone post-Co-Op review and project work.)
    • 540 hours of instruction + 540 hours of Co-Op.

    *Please consider reading weeks when planning the duration of your studies.

  • Admission Requirements

    International Students:

    • Complete high school or be a mature student of 18 years and older.
    • Reach an IELTS 5.5 (academic) or TOEFL 70 or equivalent or achieve a VGC Level 6 Upper Intermediate or pass the VGC placement test.
    • Pass an admissions interview.

    Domestic Students:

    • Complete high school.
    • Pass an admissions interview.
  • Start Dates
    • 2024:
      January 2 • January 29 • February 26 • April 2 • April 29 • May 27 • July 2 • July 29 • August 26 • October 1 • October 28 • November 25 • December 30
    • 2024 Reading Week:
      • March 25 – March 29
      • June 24 – June 28
      • September 23 – September 27
      • December 23 – December 27
    • 2025:
      January 27 • February 24 • March 31 • April 28 • May 26 • June 30 • July 28 • August 25 • September 29 • October 27 • November 24 • December 29
    • 2025 Reading Week:
      • March 24 – March 28
      • June 23 – June 27
      • September 22 – September 26
      • December 22 – December 26
  • Fees

    Please visit our Fees page or contact to learn about our special price promotions.