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Job Search Plus


The course introduces the student to employment search strategies. The strategies include job searching, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, building your professional image and researching employment opportunities. The Student will use Microsoft Office to create various employment application documents. The skills learned in this course will be valuable throughout the lifetime of the student.


By the end of your studies in this course you will:

  • Demonstrate how to research employment opportunities.
  • Demonstrate how to build a professional image.
  • Plan, design and create an effective cover letter and professional resume.
  • Recall and describe the importance of the job interview.
  • Demonstrate how to write various letters specific to the employment search.
  • Demonstrate business writing and presentation skills.
  • Program Information
    • Monday to Thursday – 2:05pm to 3:25pm
    • Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) approved as part of the ESL program.
  • Duration

    Each English level is 4 weeks in length.

  • Start Dates

    Open to students in both Business and English programs. Corresponds with monthly Business start dates. Students can start every second month for beginning of term, main start date on Monday of each week. Please see Business Calendar for more information.
    *Subject to need.

  • Fees

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