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Learn English faster by Living with a Canadian Host Family

With VGC International College’s homestay you can fully immerse yourself in Canadian culture and practice English outside the classroom by living with a Canadian host family. This experience will give your English learning a whole new dimension while you can experience the friendliness and hospitality that Canadians are famous for.

All of our homestay families are carefully selected so you can experience a safe and casual environment during your career training or English courses in Canada. Our families enjoy meeting students from around the world and some have been hosting students for many years. Choosing our homestay accommodation will help you settle in easier and feel home away from home.

What to Expect in Homestay

  • Room: a private, clean and comfortable room for every student.
  • Furniture: bed and bedding, dresser and a place to do homework.
  • Access: to bathroom and laundry facilities.Proximity: approximately 30 to 60 minutes commute to school by public transport.
  • Families: friendly and welcoming English speaking homestay families from diverse backgrounds that reflect Vancouver’s multicultural population. Some families may host more than one international student.
  • Lifestyle: you can indicate your preferences on diet, smoking/ non-smoking, children, etc.
  • Amenities: 2 or 3 meals per day included, Wi-Fi Internet access, 24-hour emergency contact number.
  • Airport pickup/return can be booked for an additional fee.

The homestays are usually booked on a weekly basis starting on the weekend, with the option of adding additional days. The homestay accommodation must be booked a minimum of six weeks in advance.