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Business English Certificate Program Advanced



At VGC International College we believe strongly in customizing our programs to meet the needs of our students. Our Business English Certificate Program Advanced is a good example of this.

More and more of our students are coming to us from a professional background in their own countries, looking to return home and further their career with their newly acquired Business English skills.

This Plus class is available to anyone from level 5 and upwards who has experience working in their chosen professional field, so that they can bring their skills and knowledge to the classroom dynamic.

During the program, students will, for example, learn the language and the skills of cross-cultural negotiations and meetings, culminating in practicing the language and skills in real-world scenarios bringing their professional knowledge to the classroom.

The course is also tailored to meet the needs of individuals, for example when studying the writing of business reports, students can focus on the types of report most relevant to them in their profession.

By the end of this program, students should be confident that they have the Business English and cross-cultural skills necessary to work confidently in English and be able to progress their career.

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