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Our VGC Trip to the Rocky Mountains and Why We Organize Our Own Tours



Here at VGC International College we take our students’ experience in Canada very seriously. This is why we have our very own Events department to organize social activities, events, and school trips for our students.

Our trips in particular offer VGC students an extremely unique experience in Canada. Many tour and travel companies simply focus on how many things you can see, but we prefer to focus on how much you can experience. Because let’s face it, your time in Canada should not simply be a checklist; it should be an unforgettable experience of friendships, culture, and learning that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

In June we brought our students to visit the incredible Rocky Mountains, and this trip was no different. Here are 3 facts how our students’ experience was maximized:

1. Small, intimate group of classmates and staff

The company you travel with is always as important (and maybe even more important) than the places you see. And traveling with a group that is made up of only school mates and VGC staff and teachers makes for a fantastic, inclusive atmosphere, where you’re sure to feel that you are part of our big family. We don’t outsource this trip to an external provider, but we organize everything ourselves to make sure our students have the best possible experience!

2. Rustic, Canadian-style accommodation

Let’s be honest. Regular hotels are boring. You can find those anywhere in the world. We think the best way to experience Canadian wilderness is to actually spend time in the wilderness. So we book our very own wilderness hostels, located far away from any towns or cities, where we can enjoy traditional campfires while surrounded by towering mountain peaks, forests, and glaciers. We also spend a night sleeping in teepees, a traditional type of tent that was once used by aboriginal people in Canada. This all makes for a powerful Canadian experience that not many visitors to our country ever have.


3. Longer trip

Most people who visit the Rockies just go for 4 days, without realizing how large distances in Canada are. Our last trip to the Rockies was one day longer, in order to spend one extra day exploring the national parks. This way you’re not just jumping on and off the bus in a hurry all the time; we enjoyed our time better, having time for hiking, picnics, and canoeing on pristine Moraine Lake; we were also able to see more of the natural beauty that is the Rocky Mountains, visiting spectacular lakes and glaciers that most people never get to see.

So if you’re reading this wishing you had been here in June for this wonderful taste of Canada, don’t miss out on our next trips, as we go backcountry camping on a rafting trip in August, and a kayaking trip in September! To find out about all upcoming dates, make sure to check our monthly activities calendar or check in with our events team at the front desk. We look forward to seeing you on our next trip!

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