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October 2016 – VGC’s Legendary Amazing Race Returns And Our First VGC Salmon Fishing Trip Ever!



Fall has arrived! Here in Vancouver that means a lot of things: trees start changing colours, Thanksgiving is coming, hockey is finally back again, and of course Halloween is here! This season may also mean more rain coming our way, but it’s not stopping us from having a pretty fantastic month here at VGC. Here are our top 3 picks for activities in October:

1. VGC Amazing Race

Everyone loved the first Amazing Race so much in May that we are bringing it back. The rules are the same, but the destinations and challenges will be completely different! So get your team together (each team will be four students, with a minimum of three different languages spoken) and prepare to battle other students in an epic competition that will take you all over the city in a chance to win $400 cash! Click here to check out the video of our last Amazing Race.


2. Salmon Fishing

Here at VGC we are always looking for great new experiences to offer our students. And we thought, what is more Canadian that going fishing along a river bank for salmon? October is the peak season for Salmon, as hundreds of thousands of them swim upstream to lay their eggs. So come join us for a day along the Chilliwack River fishing for this Canadian delicacy!


3. Halloween

Most people all around the world these days know about Halloween. But few places celebrate it the way we do here in Canada. So start thinking of a costume for yourself. You can go the classic route with a ghost, a zombie, or a witch; or you can do something more lighthearted, like a clown, Super Mario, a pirate, or your favourite movie character; or you can always mixt the two as well and dress up as a zombie version of Super Mario, for example. Whatever you pick, come dressed up to VGC for a costume contest as we give prizes to the best costumes. And in the evening head out with your classmates and teachers to dance the night away at a Halloween costume party in English Bay.


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