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VGC Staff And Their Favourite Lunch Spots



You don’t know what you should get for lunch today? VGC International College is conveniently located at the border of Gastown and Downtown and there’s an abundance of food options just steps away from our Gastown campus! The choices can be overwhelming, so we asked some of our staff members to give some recommendations of their favourite food options. Read on to have an insider’s view of the best lunch spots around VGC!


ZeroZero Pizzeria
– Favourite item: Chorizo Pizza


Want to try out a fantastically delicious AND cheap place to eat lunch? Go check out Pizzeria Zero Zero for some authentic Roman-style food. This place was recommended to me by an Italian student, and it certainly did not disappoint! Everything they have is delicious, but their pizza is particularly amazing. Have lunch for as little as $4.50 and enjoy a couple slices of Italian heaven. If you’re not sure what kind of pizza to choose, go with my favourite: chorizo. And don’t worry, it’s only two blocks away from VGC, so once you fall in love with this place it will be really easy to come back. And don’t forget your student card so you can get their 10% student discount!


Finch’s Tea & Coffee House
– Favourite item: Pear and Blue Brie Sandwich

Finch’s is just around the corner from VGC and has an amazing selection of sandwiches and salads that are made to order. As great as the salads look, I always go for a sandwich! My favourite is the Pear and Blue Brie Sandwich and I know my colleagues love the place too! They recommend the Warm Brie and Grape or the Baked Brie, Walnut and Prosciutto Sandwich and a Mushroom soup on the side.


Field & Social
– Favourite item: all!


This is hands down the best salad place in Vancouver! They have an amazing variety of salads here that are not only healthy, but also very filling and extremely delicious. Since all of them are amazing I cannot choose one favourite – find out yourself!


– Favourite item: Chirashi Bowl

If you’re searching for real and authentic Japanese you must try Kyzock. It’s like a taste of home for me and they have an amazing selection of different Sushi Bowls. My absolute favourite is the Chirashi Bowl!


Black Frog
– Favourite item: Salmon Burger

Looking for a nice pub to eat and watch sports on TV? I totally recommend The Black Frog! This is a pub conveniently located at 108 Cambie Street (close to VGC). This place offers a fantastic environment if you are looking for a burger + a cold drink and TV to watch soccer, hockey, or baseball matches. Burgers start from $14 dollars. There are also sandwiches from $10, all of their food options are on the website. I recommend their salmon burger, it is amazing!


Indigo Age
– Favourite item: Juicy Mini Burgers and Spring Rolls


When I want to treat myself to a special lunch I usually choose Indigo Age. It’s located very close to the school and is a bistro with a focus on raw and vegan foods. They have amazing raw meals and very interesting combinations of food to try, so it’s definitely something for the adventurous foodie student! I usually go for the Juicy Mini Burgers (spicy bean burgers with tomatoes, marinated red onion, clover, sunflower sprouts, bell peppers and avocado) or the Spring Rolls – (Spicy dipping sauce, marinated cabbage, variety of vegetables like avocado and sprouts, quinoa and sesame) – need I say more?


The Hastings Warehouse
– Favourite item: Quinoa and Green Apple Salad

I love the Warehouse for its laid back atmosphere and of course the cheap meals – which student wouldn’t agree with me on this? They have a whole range of comfort food at an unbeatable price. If you’re not sure what to have go with the Quinoa and Green Apple Salad (Mix of greens, quinoa, beans, corn, apple, avocado with balsamic reduction.)

  • 156 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1G8


Meat & Bread
– Favourite item: Porchetta: Salsa Verde Crackling


My all-time favourite near VGC is Meat and Bread on Cambie Street. This extremely popular sandwich shop is known all over Vancouver and beyond for their Porchetta sandwich and this is usually my go to! If you’re a meat-lover you must check this place out at least once! Try to come a little early or after the usual peak lunch rush hour, so you don’t have to wait in line for so long.


– Favourite item: Najib’s Special

I usually bring my own lunch, but one very good option close to the school is Nuba, just on Cambie and Hastings. They have a great selection of Lebanese food which is healthy and fresh and good to share with your friends. Najib’s special is a delicious crispy cauliflower dish that you can get as a wrap or a plate with sides.


Nelson the Seagull
– Favourite item: Avocado Toast, Daily Soup & Cappuccino


This is one of my favourite places in Vancouver with beautiful interior and amazing bread. Once you step in you can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere with high ceilings, beautiful and antique furniture and the smell of freshly baked bread from their in-house bakery. They have sweet and savoury items and I recommend the Avocado Toast or their delicious soups (or just get both!). They use beans from local coffee roaster Elysian and make excellent espresso drinks, if you want a nice alternative to the several coffee chains in Vancouver. Come after class to spend a relaxing afternoon, it’s also a great place to get some studying done!


– Favourite item: Bacon and Spinach Quiche


I usually bring my own lunch to work but if you need to buy something near the school, I would recommend Purebread bakery. This place is heaven for both sweet and savory treat lovers, and they have an amazing selection of baked stuff. I like the variety of different fresh pastries as well as their cozy atmosphere. Even if you’re not too hungry you can choose one of their specialty coffees so this is the place for many occasions.


Acme Café
– Favourite item: Montreal Smoked meat

Acme Café is a fantastic place for a weekend brunch with friends (come early to get 1 meal for free per order!) but they also have a huge take out menu with very delicious sandwiches. If you’re just looking for a convenient place to grab a quick lunch I would recommend this place!


– Favourite item: Minced pork sub

This list is not complete without Pholicious – a tiny hole in the wall on West Hastings Street just very close to VGC. I love this place because they have tasty and affordable options and very friendly staff. A lot of our teachers go as well and they even know us by name! They have delicious salad rolls and Vietnamese subs and my favourite is the minced pork sub.


Urban Grill Mongolian Grill
Favourite item: whatever I’m in the mood for


If you’re looking for something different you should try out this Mongolian restaurant on Granville Street right across the Skytrain station. It is attached to a sushi place and they charge based on weight.
You pick the kind of noodles, vegetables and meat you want and choose your sauces at the end. If you want to save some money just skip the noodles and opt for their complimentary rice ball. Their flavours are great and you can always mix and match the flavours depending on your current mood.

  • 562 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1X6


The Poke Guy
– Favourite item: everything is delicious!

This is a fairly new, but delicious addition to the area. It serves Poke (pronounced po-kay) which is a traditional Hawaiian dish. It is raw marinated fish served with your choice of rice and a whole bunch of salad options. A friend described it as ‘Hawaiian sashimi’ and that seems like a good description. It’s around $12 and the portions are really generous. It’s quick, healthy and just around the corner from Waves Coffee, so very convenient. Perfect for adventurous students who like to try new things!

We hope this has inspired for your next lunch break! Let us know about your favourite spots in the comments!

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