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Why You Should Get TESL Certified – Register Now for VGC’s January and March TESL Intakes

by Henriette Freese

Have you ever dreamed of teaching English abroad or in Canada, but are not sure how to get started? The first step is to get your TESL Certification or Diploma to Teach English as a Second Language. A certification will provide you with the pedagogical theory, teaching methodologies, strategies and practical approaches to developing the skills required to become an effective English language teacher. In the diploma program students have an additional practicum week to show application of the methodology and skills in a real teaching and learning environment.

VGC International College offers 4-week TESL Certificate and 5-week TESL Diploma programs in Vancouver. Students who successfully complete the Certificate program will obtain a qualification to teach English abroad, while students in our Diploma program will be able to teach English in Canada as well as overseas. Our programs are accredited by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training in British Columbia. 

VGC’s TESL programs were very successful among students from all over the world in 2017, and we are now accepting registrations for our next intakes: January 8th and March 5th. Take a look at our program video to learn more about this course and hear what students and instructors have to say about it:   

We are accepting applications from international as well as local students. Participants can be native speakers or second language speakers. If you are currently registered at VGC, please speak to your marketer about the option of transferring to the TESL program. For international applications we will arrange a Skype interview for assessment and level testing. To learn more about language and entry requirements, please contact

Why Should I Become TESL-certified?

There are many reasons for getting an English as a Second Language teaching certification and here are just a few of them:

  • You’re thinking of a gap year and would like to earn some money during your adventures: VGC’s TESL Certificate will give you the option to teach English abroad allowing you to work and fund your trip. There are many programs which offer short-term contracts to qualified teachers, so a teaching certificate may open many doors for you and help you earn a salary while you’re exploring the world!
  • You are already teaching abroad but want to learn about different methodologies. Teaching styles can vary a lot across the world. If you already are a professional teacher and want to get new input and ideas, you may find that a TESL course can expose you to different techniques and a communicative approach that reinvigorate your teaching style.
  • You want to experience life in another country. A TESL certification will enable you to work in almost any region of the world. Beijing, Barcelona, Bangkok or Buenos Aires – almost anything is possible! 
  • You’re interested in teaching but are not sure if you want to go to University. Signing up for a degree at University is not only a long-term commitment, but can also be very costly. With a short-term TESL Program you have the chance to get a qualification and discover whether teaching is something you’d enjoy and be good at. It may even secure an income for you while you are doing your studies.
  • You are looking for a part-time option or an additional income. A TESL certification offers a wide range of options, whether it’s working part-time to fit in with other commitments or whether it’s an additional income while you pursue another project or study at University.

The motivation and background of our students are very diverse and everyone has a different story. Whether you are a native speaker or speak English as a second language: when it comes to teaching an actual group of students you want to make sure that you have strategies and skills to manage your classroom and plan lessons in a structured way.

TESL or TESOL? To not get lost in the number of abbreviations when it comes to different programs and certificate, take a look at our blog post about The Challenge & Triumph of Teaching Terms.

Do you want to learn more about VGC’s TESL Certificate and Diploma Programs? Please get in touch with us at or call us at +1-778-737-9057

Author: Henriette Freese