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Student Story: Creative Writing Competition – Teen Program

Week Two of our Teen Program theme was History and Culture. Students were taught about the History and Culture of Canada particularly the First Nations of British Columbia. After a visit to the Museum of Anthropology and an exciting day trip to Grouse Mountain, students were set an academic writing competition. Using their acquired knowledge students created a short descriptive story set in Canada.  The winner of the competition was Siriwat (Vinze) from Thailand and his short story titled ‘The Runaway’. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as he enjoyed writing it.

The Runaway

By Siriwat Jaichobchune

Located in the valley of two majestic mountains sits my beautiful village.  Children run, play and laughter swoops along the emerald plains. The succulent smell of meat cooking on the open fire whistles through the air.  Here it is… my small, welcoming and cosy village.

Then there is me. Sitting all alone!

I am Geezu the only son of the Chief.  My name means bright as the sun, which my father believes wholeheartedly that one day I will shine as bright as the sun.  However, I think that I am the type of sun that coolly sits alone in the sky.

I am alone. Waiting. Waiting for my teacher to finish his meeting with my father.  I wonder what I could have done wrong now! I decide to be bold and take a look through the entrance of my father’s long house.

As I make my way towards the door I see and eagle soaring through the sky. I think to myself how the eagle has a better life than I do.  Being the only son of the Chief is not easy because I must intensely study the land and the ways of my people. I feel the responsibility is too much.

In that moment my legs begin to move, but not in the direction of my Father’s longhouse. I realise that I am running.  Running away, far away! I do not know where I am running to, but I feel that there must be some place that I can be alone.

Suddenly I stop…

I am only a few metres away from the edge of a cliff.  I silently scream “WHERE CAN I GO?”. I decide to sit and think. Maybe I have nowhere to run to.

Instantly I feel something shining brightly in my eye.  I am cold, yet I am warm. I begin to realise that the only thing I can do is accept. I need to accept the honourable burden that one day I will be Chief; with this acceptance I will the find something beautiful.

My Father’s voice is calling me. I turn and run towards the source of his voice and there I meet and tightly hug my father.

We walk home with the sun slowly setting on the deep horizon and the shadow of the eagle flying above.