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March 2020 – Our Activities and Highlights of the Month


Have you noticed that the days are getting longer? Sometimes it feels like the darkness of winter will never end, but there is a magical moment in March when that all changes… because daylight savings time begins! On March 8th, don’t forget to turn your clocks forward one hour. With one extra hour of sunlight every day, your options are endless! Here are my activity recommendations for how to spend your time this month:


Lunch Club: Australian – March 6th

At VGC we are always exploring new cultures and international foods, so why not take a trip down under for some new culinary experiences?! We will go to a downtown restaurant called “Moose’s Down Under” and enjoy some typical food from Australia, including their specialty…. kangaroo burgers!

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Urban Grind – March 17th

One of the best charity events in Vancouver is returning this month! Walk all the way up the stairs of the Vancouver lookout, and get rewarded at the top with a beer and a $5 gift certificate to the food court! The 147 metre climb is TOTALLY worth it for the view.

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Winter Weekend in Manning Park – March 27 – 29th

This is going to be a winter weekend to remember! Join 50 of your VGC classmates as we head to Manning Park ski resort, and stay in a giant cabin together for 2 nights. This trip is non-stop fun, and will also include: 6 meals, one day of skiing or snowboarding, and one day of snow tubing. Signups will open early morning on March 3rd, so don’t miss out on this awesome experience.

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