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VGC: Celebrating 20 Years of Quality Education

2023 marks a major milestone for VGC International College as we celebrate our 20th anniversary!

From our beginnings as a test prep center, we’ve steadily built up an accredited and award-winning English Language School and Career College that has become the school of choice for thousands of international students around the world.

While our journey has never been an easy one, it’s one that has become very fulfilling to our team. Since we started in 2003, our core philosophy has always stayed the same: to put the needs of students at the center of everything we do. Whether it’s creating and fine tuning our curriculum, expanding our programs or getting certified – all done to ensure that our students receive quality education by equipping them with practical knowledge that will be key to a future filled with optimism and success.

We are truly thankful for our students. We know that coming to Canada was a big step into the unknown, and we are privileged that they chose us to guide them through their learning journey.

Equally as important are our exceptional teachers and talented staff who are passionate believers of our “student first” approach. They put in a 100% effort to maintain the high quality of our academics and services, to create an immersive learning environment and provide students with the best possible educational experience in Canada.

And finally, to our partners. Our collaborative relationship is an essential component to our success. We thank you for your commitment and expertise in spreading VGC’s vision to your students. We are grateful for the trust you gave us through the years. Rest assured, we will continue to do all that we can to remain deserving of that trust.

What VGC has achieved, has so far exceeded what we originally sought out to do. But we’re not done – not by a long shot! We’re excited to accomplish greater things and continue shaping the future of our students. And with you by our side, tomorrow is brighter than ever.

Here’s to another 20 fantastic years!

Dominic Walton,
Executive Director
[BA (English), DELTA, MBA]