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Five Reasons Not to Miss Out on the VGC Rockies Tour this Summer



When people around the world think of Canada, images of natural beauty often are the first that come to mind. Lush green forests, pristine glacial lakes, and majestic mountains, perhaps. This is why most people visiting Canada have a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains at the top of their must-do list while they are here.

The Banff and Jasper National parks truly embody what so many people imagine when thinking of our beautiful country. This June, VGC Language School is bringing students on an amazing four-day trip to these impressive mountains. And in case you are wondering whether or not to go, here are five reasons why we think you should join us:

1. See amazing landscapes

We’ll be visiting some of the most spectacular landscapes in all of Canada. Picture majestic mountains covered in snow, massive glaciers, green forests stretching as far as you can see, and bright blue and green lakes in every valley.

See the world-famous Lake Louise and Moraine Lake; visit the stunning Takkakaw waterfalls; get a chance to explore a real glacier as you travel along the Icefields Parkway; and even ride the Banff Gondola to the top of Sulphur Mountain, where you can get a birds-eye view of everything. The Canadian Rockies truly offer landscapes that you will never forget

2. View Canadian wildlife

These national parks may offer some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities around. The forests there are packed with animals: moose, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, elk, deer, beavers, mountain goats, and so much more! And we will be on the lookout for some great photo opportunities.

3. Get a true Canadian experience

If you’re interested in getting a unique Canadian experience, then look no further. Here at VGC, we want to make sure students have an authentic and memorable time, and this Rockies trip is no exception. We have some great things planned that regular tour companies don’t do.

For starters, we’ll be spending one night in teepees (a type of tent that used to be used by aboriginal people here in North America). So imagine enjoying a salmon BBQ all together outside your giant cone-shaped tent, surrounded by the beautiful mountains!

We’ll also stay at a fantastic rustic hostel within the national park, where we’ll have the delicious opportunity to roast marshmallows around a warm campfire. And while most people travel to Moraine Lake just to take a photo of that postcard worthy view, we’ll be enjoying some extra time there with a canoe race across the turquoise coloured water.
We are turning this into a trip unlike any you have ever been on!

4. Become part of the VGC family

Our trip to the Rockies next month is open only to VGC students. So join your classmates and friends on this epic adventure, and become part of the amazing VGC family.

Going to be new at the school when we go? Or worried that you don’t have any friends going with you? No problem. By the time our bus returns to Vancouver, we’ll all be good friends.

5. Don’t miss out!

The VGC Rocky Mountain Trip is the biggest trip of the year for us, and we only organize it once a year. So don’t make the mistake of thinking about going the following month. We leave on June 27th for four days, and won’t be departing again until 2015. So don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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