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I Want to Be a Teacher in Japan!



I used to work in a car rental company in Japan for three years. I felt my job was boring. I didn’t get enough holidays and I had to work overtime for 50 hours a month so I quit my job and I came to Vancouver.

At first, I didn’t know what I would like to be but when I spent time at VGC Language School for the first month, I thought I wanted to be a Japanese language teacher for people from other countries in Japan because I met very good teachers at VGC. I want to be like them. I want to help people from other countries and to teach something such as math, Japanese, biology etc.

When I go back to Japan, I have to study Japanese history and I must pass an exam. If I can speak English, I will help people from other countries even more. I think it’s very good. I think Japanese language teachers have a low salary, but this job seems to be very fun to me. I want to study English more and to become a Japanese teacher to people from other countries.

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