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Student Story: How Sofia’s Dream of Studying Abroad Came True



Here at VGC we have helped thousands of students to reach their English language goals. Our students come from a variety of different countries and have diverse backgrounds. We are excited to share some of their stories on the VGC Blog.

Sofia is 18 years old and originally comes from Guadalajara in Mexico. She was a VGC student in July and August 2016 after winning a scholarship for a language course in Vancouver. The contest was promoted through her school and required the participants to share a story of one remarkable life experience they had. Sofia contributed the winning story and was the lucky winner for the trip to Vancouver. She is back in Mexico now, but is already planning her trip to VGC for a longer period after she graduates from High School. At VGC she loved being in a classroom with many different nationalities and especially excelled in her Elective Debate class.

One of her class assignments in her Global English class was to write about a decision someone had to make. Sofia wrote about her decision to come to Vancouver and this is her assignment.

Adventure with my best friends

About-QuoteTuesday February 18th, they called my name: I had won the scholarship to VGC, I couldn’t believe it, I was excited, not nervous at all. I told all my family and they were all so happy for me. A month later my two best friends decided they would go on this adventure with me. Since that day, it was a countdown to Vancouver. We were excited every single day and we went out and planned our trip and day by day, it finally was here… July 23. We got on that plane, and even though it was 2am we were buzzing like children on Christmas day. It’s been five days since we’ve arrived and we have already fell in love with Vancouver, and especially with VGC; five days here living this adventure and as if it was possible that we got closer as friends. We are indeed closer than ever.”


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