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What to Pack For Your Trip To Vancouver This Winter

Preparing for your English course in Vancouver is exciting but can also be a little intimidating. You are travelling to a new country far away from home with different customs and unknown weather conditions! The winters in Vancouver may not be as cold as they are in the rest of Canada, but you certainly need to be prepared for some special conditions! Next to the standard items (jeans, shirt, underwear, etc.) you would normally pack, we gathered some tips for the must-have items for a winter in Vancouver.

#1 Raingear

It’s no secret that Vancouver has a very wet and mild climate and is therefore often referred to as Raincouver. Therefore you should make sure to bring some waterproof shoes to make it through the rainy stretches that can often occur during the winter months. It’s also essential to bring a raincoat and an umbrella so you are all set for a rainy day!

#2 Warm clothes

Vancouver might not get as freezing as it gets in the rest of Canada, but the cold and wet air definitely don’t create the coziest atmosphere. It may seem obvious to many, but we frequently have students arriving who bring nothing but a thin coat to Canada. From November to February, daily temperatures range from 5 to 10 degrees Celsius during the day, so you need to make sure to bring enough warm clothes for that. Don’t forget that Vancouver is also surrounded by beautiful mountains that often get lots of snow and are significantly colder than the downtown area, so make sure to pack snow gear including hats, scarves and gloves.

#3 Layers

Weather can be unpredictable during winter, so make sure to bring some layers so you have different clothing options. That way you can also enjoy outdoor activities and be more flexible during your hike. Bring some leggings, undershirts or some functional wear to be able to adjust during the day! If you don’t have a very warm winter jacket, bring a fleece jacket or a hoodie so you will be warm enough.

#4 Hiking boots

If you are here long enough you should take advantage of the amazing outdoor opportunities Vancouver’s nearby mountains have to offer. In order to take advantage of the beautiful trails through the rainforests or up to the mountains it is essential to have hiking boots with a good grip, so you can conquer the hikes even during slippery conditions.

#5 Socks

Bringing a few more socks is always a good idea. When it’s very cold you can double or triple your layers and if it rains a lot you can just change socks that might be wet when you get to school!

#6 Bring enough, but don’t overpack

Even though winter clothes tend to take up more space in the luggage, try to leave some room for items you purchase while you are in Vancouver! You may want to bring gifts for your family and friends at home, purchase some souvenirs or even bring back some new clothes you bought here in Canada during your stay. To avoid expensive charges at the airport for overweight luggage come prepared with some room in your bag, as you will always travel back home with more luggage than you brought!

#7 Don’t forget the most important items for your carry-on bag:

No matter at what time of the year you come, you should always pack the most important items in your carry-on luggage:

• Your passport
• Your visa, study or work permit (if applicable)
• Your Letter of Acceptance from VGC
• Credit Card, Debit Card or enough cash
• Your homestay address or accommodation info
• Health insurance
• A list of emergency phone numbers
• Any necessary prescription medicine
• Your phone + charger
• A change of clothes for the first night in case your luggage is delayed

You should now be all set for your winter adventure in Canada! Vancouver is a beautiful city all year round and as long as you bring the right clothes for the weather conditions you will have a great time! Should there be anything else that you are not sure about don’t hesitate to speak to your marketer, they are always happy to help!