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Student Story: Giuliano’s Experience in VGC’s IELTS Preparation Program

by Giuliano V. Caseiro

Here at VGC we have helped thousands of students to reach their English language goals. Our students come from a variety of different countries and have diverse backgrounds. We are excited to share some of their stories on the VGC Blog.


Giuliano is 29 years old and originally comes from Brazil. He was a VGC Student in 2016 and returned to VGC in 2017 to prepare for his IELTS exam. Today he is sharing his story and his experience in VGC’s IELTS Preparation Program.


Hi, there! What’s up?

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Giuliano, and I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. That is my second time in Vancouver and the third one in this receptive and breathtaking Canada. I liked VGC International College so much the first time I came that I decided to come back.

When I first landed in Canada back 2015, I felt a strong cultural shock once almost everything in this country works pretty good which is completely the opposite in my home country; people are so respectful; countless amazing landscapes, and a real sense of safety as you walk around the town.

Then, in 2016, I made up my mind to improve my English skills, and I thought: Why not Vancouver? My cousin lives here, there is warm weather (in July, to be more specific),there are colourful lakes and… similar beaches. For a Rio de Janeiro’s native, what else can I ask for? So, I packed my stuff and headed to Raincouver, ooops, I mean Vancouver.

Best decision I have ever made. It is not that hard to guess why I fell in love with Vancouver and chose it as the place I would like to live. Also, I studied IELTS Preparation Course in VGC for a month, and it was clear to me that they have highly experienced and committed teachers who are always available to help you out, let alone the school facilities and extra activities amazingly held by my great friend Matt. Jude, the director, is so sweet that you couldn’t tell she is from England (just kidding, Jude!!). And finally, my IELTS teacher Catherine, who is extremely competent, down to earth and knows ins and outs of IELTS and undoubtedly can be you passport to your top score.

That’s why I came again in 2017, to study the Full 3-Month IELTS course as I knew I was in good hands. Honestly speaking, I thought I was unable to achieve such high scores I needed (Listening 8, Writing/Speaking/Reading 7). But that’s where VGC helped me out most. Teachers who are entirely at ease teaching the subject (because they know it from heart) encouraged me to bury my nose in books, as it the only way to succeed. IELTS demands not only loads of hours, including weekends, but also strong support from the best pro’s, and I can assure you, you’ll find it at VGC International College. And the the icing on the cake, my scores:

  • Academic
    Listening – 7,5
    Reading – 7,5
    Writing – 7
    Speaking – 6,5
  • General Training
    Listening – 8
    Reading – 8
    Writing – 7
    Speaking – 7

I had to take both because I wish not only study in a College, but also become a permanent resident so I can easily build up my life in Canada. Do you think I could get such awesome scores without strong support from VGC? The answer is: No, I couldn’t. Invest your time, money and effort wisely, and you will get results. I got carried away talking about myself and VGC, and I am really grateful to VGC. It‘s all true.

Giuliano V. Caseiro