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The VGC Amazing Race Is Back – Volume III


Here at VGC we’re all about helping our students improve and develop their English skills, and we try to offer a variety of ways for them to do it, both inside, as well as outside the classroom. One our favourite ways of doing this is by organizing the VGC Amazing Race. We recently hosted our third edition of this competition, which once again pushed teams of students to navigate the entire city of Vancouver, completing a variety of tasks along the way.

Each race that we organize is completely new, featuring new destinations and new challenges to
complete. So students have no idea what to expect, and are forced to work together as a team in order to advance as fast as possible. And of course one of the key rules of this epic race is that each team of 4 students must have a minimum of 3 languages spoken. This ensures that the teams are working solely in English in their effort to win the grand prize of $400!

Here is a look at our latest Amazing Race, which stretched from the UBC campus all the way to
downtown, before ending on the beautiful shores of Kitsilano:

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