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Student Story: Phimlaphat’s Life in Vancouver and VGC!

By Phimlaphat Tantiritthisak

Cindy is a dental student from Thailand. She studied in VGC’s Global English program in summer 2019. Here’s a story about Vancouver life and VGC experience from Cindy.

I arrived in Vancouver on June 14, 2019. I decided to come to Vancouver because I didn’t want to waste my time over the summer so I thought I would learn something new. On my first day here, everything was so unfamiliar for me. I was not used to taking a bus, crossing a street, ordering food, or even speaking English all day. After 5 days had passed, everything seemed to be easier for me but still strange. I’m getting used to going to bed at midnight instead of 3 am because of my jetlag. I’m getting used to taking the bus without looking at the Google Maps application. Fortunately, I don’t need to be worried about the food because my host mom is Thai which I didn’t expect. She makes a tasty meal for me every day so I think this is one of the best things here.  Even though she is Thai, we speak in English!  Now, after almost 2 weeks have passed, I’m used to almost everything. I’m used to talking with my friends, even with my Thai friends, in English. I’m used to watching movies in English without English subtitles. Thank you, Vancouver!

Choosing VGC was the best decision I’ve ever made. I easily fell in love with the atmosphere here since the very first day I came. I got a very warm welcome and all the staff was nice. Teachers have their own amazing way of teaching. I never got bored in any of my classes! Every lesson really did help improve my skills. Teachers always let me give my opinion and share my ideas in the class. The best part was that I got to know many friends from all over the world. It was my pleasure to be here. Thank you, VGC for this marvelous experience!

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