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New Educate for Change partnership: The Mirror Foundation, Thailand

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]by MARIANA MELLO

VGC International College is proud to announce its new partner for the Educate for Change social project: the Mirror Foundation NGO, located in Thailand, offers a variety of core projects that have been helping people for over 15 years in many different strands.
The agreement will work in the same basis as our other two partnerships, Casa do Zezinho in Brazil and Instituto Urraca in Panama: For each Thai student that attends VGC, we will give a dollar a day to their Rai Som School.
The school will receive their funds as materials and learning supplies, term fees and any goods needed to help low income people to improve themselves through education.
The Rai Som School is one of the NGOs many projects, and works specifically to give access to basic education to stateless children and has a curriculum designed to fit with the lives of the local community and teaches the local language as well as Thai and English. The Mirror Foundation is a Thai Non-Governmental Organization, run by Thai and hill tribe staff, working for the social development of the community in general, and for the benefit of ethnic minorities in particular.
As a company with full awareness of its social responsibility, VGC is happy to be adding the Mirror Foundation to this project and is looking forward to helping more people around the globe to achieve their goals in life through education.
Click here to learn more about the Mirror Foundation projects and how you can help changing people’s lives.

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