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The Benefits of Summer Camps Abroad

Summer is one of the best seasons to make memories for teens on school break. Ever consider exploring the world and discovering yourself during this time? If the answer is yes, then joining summer camps abroad might be just what you’re looking for!

Now the question is where should you go? For years, Canada has been a hotspot for young people across the globe, with many coming to Vancouver for a visit. But why should you join a summer camp instead of just going on a holiday?

Summer Camps Build Character and Skills

VGC Teen Walking in Whistler Village

Local summer camps often focus on providing teens with activities that enhance existing skills, but a summer camp in another country builds character in different ways. Often, this is the first time teens are away from their homes and families and one of the skills they develop is independence. Summer camps abroad often plan activities that push students out of their comfort zone. For instance, they may be tasked to explore historical landmarks. To complete this task, students may need to ask locals for more information or directions to get around the city. These structured activities provide a safe environment for students to build their sense of confidence.

Summer camps abroad also give students the opportunity to make friends from around the world. Many camp activities are done in teams and require constant communication among team members in order to reach their goals. Not only do these activities build social skills, they also build teamwork and open-mindedness. By working in groups, students will learn to manage diverse problem-solving styles and cultural differences. These skills are vital as teens grow up and navigate their own social circles and later their careers.

Choose Vancouver for your Summer Experience

VGC Teens in Whistler

Vancouver has always been one of the top cities of choice among international students and visitors. Vancouver is located centrally among beautiful natural landscapes from beaches to mountains. Many of our summer activities involve exploring various mountain ranges, hiking in one of the hundreds of forest trails, or taking a trip to one of Canada’s beautiful lakes. Vancouver is a great choice for teens as it is one of the safest cities in the world and many locations are easily accessible by public transportation.

But we have to say that one of the most memorable things visitors say about Vancouver is the people. We are known for being one of the friendliest cities in the world and we love welcoming visitors with open arms. We are also enthusiastic about learning and celebrating differences. So you will often find a variety of cultural festivals and activities taking place in the city. If you are looking to explore the world in one city, then Vancouver is a great place to visit!

The VGC Difference

teens_in_whistler_busOften many international summer camps focus only on activities, but at VGC we want to ensure our students leave with an amazing experience and useful life skills. Our Summer Teen program is designed to build confidence through a combination of academic and applied lessons. Our custom-built academic activities incorporate assignments that ensure students apply their daily lessons. We also focus on building our student’s self-esteem so they can stand strong when faced with challenges. We do this by giving students the chance to achieve their goals in a less competitive environment compared to being school.

Hands-on activities are key to practicing these newly acquired skills. Through afternoon activities students can build friendships, apply their language skills and explore the beauty of Canada. Some of our most popular activities include the Great Canadian Rocky Mountains, the world-renowned Vancouver Aquarium, and a visit to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia. Students also have the chance to experience local activities such as a trip to Deep Cove, playing a game of hockey, building team spirit through dragon boating, and more. All our activities are meant to reinforce the classroom lessons and give students a valuable experience.

Experience the Summer of a Lifetime

Ultimately, we want our students to have an amazing and enriching Canadian experience. The skills and encounters they have during this time have lasting effects on them as a person.

VGC is an award-winning international college located in Vancouver, Canada. For more information about VGC’s Summer Teen Camp check out our High School Preparation program for students looking to improve their English or our Young Executive Programs for training in leadership and entrepreneurship. You can also download our brochure for more details on our Summer Teen package.