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VGC Voted Top Language School in Vancouver 2022

We are extremely excited to announce that VGC has won  the 2022 Top Choice Award for Best Language School in Vancouver! Top Choice is awarded to local businesses that have earned the support of their customers and partners. It’s become a key indicator for business excellence in the education sector and we couldn’t be prouder to have won.

Thank you for voting VGC Best Language School in Vancouver, 4 years in a row!
It is thanks to our partners, students, and the VGC team that we have received this honour for four consecutive years. Winning this award would not have been possible without your support! We have constantly evolved our services in order to give you an amazing VGC experience. Thank you to all of our partners and students for trusting us yet again and making us your school of choice. As we move towards the future, we will continue to work hard in order to provide our students with the best learning experience possible.



VGC International College is a Language and Business School located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. VGC first opened its doors in 2003 with a dream of providing high-quality education to international students. Since then we have helped thousands of students achieve their academic and professional goals. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing private colleges in Canada and host students from more than 85 nations.

The driving force behind our success has always been our focus on students and their goals. As a result, we’ve built a team of exceptional teachers and staff to help us achieve our mission. Together we created a robust curriculum that balances academic and experiential learning. Join us to support the VGC mission!

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