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Canada issues temporary cap on new study permits

The Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recently declared a two-year temporary cap on issuing new study permits, with the aim of stabilizing the number of international students and supporting sustainable population growth in Canada. New restrictions have also been imposed on work eligibility permits, limiting options for international students.

The cap is expected to result in approximately 360,000 approved study permits in 2024, a decrease of 35% from 2023 according to a statement from IRCC Minister Marc Miller.

The move comes at heels of the Canadian government’s announcement of the increase in the minimum funds requirement for international students planning to study in Canada, as well as fees required for accompanying family members.

Will the student visa cap impact VGC’s programs?
The following programs offered by VGC’s School of English Language and School of International Business – with durations less than 6 months – will not be affected by the study permit cap:

  • Global English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • University Preparation
  • TESL
  • Business Seminars
  • Business Certificates
  • Summer and Winter Camps

Students who have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), Electronic Trave Authorization (eTA), work permits under the International Experience Canada (IEC) program, or students who already have a work permit are excluded from this measure.

In addition, VGC’s work and study programs remain unchanged. Our diploma programs – Applied Communications, Business Communications and Managing Customer Relationships – continue to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical and technical communication skills for business settings, while at the same time work for a Canadian company.

“We continue to monitor the situation and will share further information as it becomes available. In the meantime, we remain committed to welcoming international students to our campus, and providing them the best educational experience in Canada,” said Executive Director Dominic Walton.

VGC International College is an award-winning English language and business school in downtown Vancouver. Founded in 2003, VGC has built a strong academic reputation by offering high-quality and well-designed English courses and international business programs to students from over 85 nations. We strive to maintain a standard of excellence in order to provide our students with the best possible learning experience in Canada. VGC has three campus locations in Vancouver that are all within walking distance from each other.

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