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1 in 4 international students prefer to study in Canada

Did you know that 1 out of 4 international students choose to study in Canada? IDP’s Emerging Futures research revealed that 26% of international students listed Canada as their preferred study destination.

After Canada, international students listed the US as a preferred study destination with 20%. Australia and the UK tied at third with 19% each. Published in March this year, the research surveyed over 10,000 students worldwide.

Why study in Canada?

It is well-known that students choose to study abroad to increase their potential for career advancement and enhance their knowledge and skill set. What makes Canada stand out is the value for money: accessing a high-quality of education at a relatively affordable price, usually lower than the US and Australia. Its education system consistently ranks as among the best in the world. In 2020, Canada was ranked the fourth best country in the world for education, according to study conducted by US News.

The same study also ranked Canada as the country that offers the highest quality of life. providing its people with job security, a stable economy and political environment, and a family-friendly Atmosphere.

Students also choose Canada because of the support it offers to international students. In addition to its diversity and multiculturalism, Canada provides students with good employment opportunities after graduation. Through the Canadian government’s Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program, international graduates from designated learning institutes are allowed to stay and work in Canada

Top ESL destination? It’s Canada!

This preference for Canada also extends to students who are looking to study English abroad. A study commissioned by Languages Canada revealed that in 2019, Canada was the fourth most popular destination for English language travel.

But in 2021, 31% of English language students preferred Canada as their primary choice for overseas studies! The UK ranked second with 20%, followed by the USA with 14%. The main drivers for students choosing the study destination are the favorable entry conditions, employment prospects and safety.

Without a doubt, Canada is the primary educational destination for international students no matter which program they chose

Learn English from an award-winning institution

And there’s no better place to learn English in Canada than with VGC International College. Located in downtown Vancouver, VGC is an award-winning institution that offers multiple programs for different levels of learners. Since 2003, it has built a reputation of providing high-quality English and business courses to thousands of international students from over 85 nations.

VGC offers students a wide variety of English courses that will help meet their specific requirements such as Global English, a program that combines both general and academic English that’s designed to help students for exam preparation, academics, and daily and business-related communications.

Through VGC’s School of International Business students can also choose from a variety of short- and long-term business programs. This includes a number of Co-Op programs, enabling the students to experience work and study in Canada.

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