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Our Academic Mission



At VGC our academic mission is to deliver courses that are based on solid academic research and principles, using the best teaching practices and always keeping the students’ needs in mind.

We achieve this by developing courses that are based on time-tested methods, using the latest tools and techniques. In addition, VGC has a unique evaluation system that does not only consist of final exams that students pass or fail, but of continuous quizzes and assessments that help students detect in what areas they need to improve.

Throughout their course, students also complete checklists to reflect on what they have learned and together with their teachers plan strategies to improve their learning. In this way, at VGC we not only teach English, but we also teach valuable academic and learning strategies that will help students for life.

Students at VGC are not the only ones to reflect, teachers do so, too. VGC language teachers know that learning is an ongoing process, so despite being highly qualified, they also stop to reflect on their teaching and are assessed on a regular basis by students and supervisors.

In addition, all teachers receive ongoing training on the latest methodologies and learning theories on a monthly basis and they take an active role in making sure only the very best teaching practices are used at VGC.

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