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VGC Has Welcomed Students from 50 Countries



At VGC Language School, we welcome students from all over the world. This is what we do: we teach a language to people from everywhere, from all ages and cultures, so they can communicate with the entire world in English.

As a medium-sized school, VGC has quite an impressive mix of nationalities in its campus in downtown Vancouver, in Canada. We have welcomed students from 50 different countries! This number has been increasing a lot in recent years, and I know it will keep increasing in the next months. I am particularly happy to announce that the representative of the fiftieth nationality that we welcomed a few weeks ago is a student from Tunisia, which is a French speaking country.

Who could imagine that working in an ESL school would make your geographic skills improve so much? I am not joking. There are a lot of countries in our lists that I was at first unable to place on a map! But because I am in charge of listing all these countries, I’ve looked them up and I now feel like I am a better citizen of the world LOL.

One of main reasons why VGC has such a great nationality mix is definitely the hard work done by our marketers. Therefore I’d like to congratulate – one more time – our fantastic staff members here! Our marketing team also has people from all over the world, who strive to recruit students from all walks of life.

Here at VGC, welcoming a new nationality is not just part of our job, but also a real motivation. It brings so much reward and pride for all of us every single time it happens! We are proud of our nationality mix and we are proud of each of our students. The VGC Family includes every single one of them and it will keep growing as a happy family.

Watch our most recent video with students from Turkey, Peru, Latvia and Italy to get an idea of what it feels to study English at VGC Language School.


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