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Entering Canada? Use ArriveCAN to prepare your trip!

VGC International College was one of the first non-public institutions with a COVID-19 readiness plan that has been approved by the provincial government (updated DLI list). International students with a valid study permit can now plan their trip and travel to Canada. With promising news of COVID-19 vaccines becoming available in the foreseeable future, we look forward to welcoming more international students to our campuses again soon.

Yes, our campuses are and will remain open as long as it’s safe to do so! We are currently offering in-person classes in our Vancouver campuses as well as online learning. Our safety plan allows us to remain open and we continue to follow our government’s direction and guidelines very closely. The safety of our students and staff is our highest priority.

With study permits now being processed, we gathered some information about what students will need to prepare for their trip to Vancouver once their visa application has been approved.


Before arriving in Canada

  • Download the ArriveCAN App.
  • Updated requirements have been announced for air travellers travelling to Canada. Students must now submit their information through the ArriveCAN app before departing from their home country. This includes details of their trip such as travel and contact information, quarantine plan, and a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment.
  • Students will need to show their ArriveCAN receipt at their Canadian entry point. Upon arrival, they will also need to provide a copy of the following documents:
    • VGC Letter for Entering Canada
    • VGC Letter of Acceptance
    • Confirmation of study permit
    • Isolation plan for the mandatory quarantine period
  • The isolation plan will be submitted through ArriveCAN. It includes information about where students will stay, how they will get to their accommodation from the airport and how they will receive food and essential goods during their 14 day isolation period. (Find further information through ArriveCAN.)
  • Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) officers will verify that all information has been submitted correctly and is complete.
  • Submit necessary information and documents to VGC (confirmation of visa approval, flight details, VGC Isolation Information Form (if applicable)!

After arriving in Canada

  • Students will have to update ArriveCAN within 48 hours of arrival and confirm that they have arrived at their place of quarantine. They must further complete a daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessment during the quarantine period.
  • Students can start their learning journey at VGC through VGC Virtual and our blended learning format. This way they can start their studies and already meet their classmates.  

We are constantly updating our website with the latest news and updates from the government. You can find VGC’s Readiness Plan as well as helpful information such as VGC documents and public resources in our COVID-19 Safety section.

Our accommodation department has been working hard to provide homestay and hotel options that allow for a safe isolation period upon arrival. Partners or students who prefer to arrange their own accommodation are welcome to do so. Those students will fill out VGC’s Isolation Information Form.

We understand that there are many questions and uncertainties in terms of the updated entry procedures as well as requirements for the mandatory quarantine period upon arrival. Study abroad plans have been on hold for many students worldwide, and travelling in uncertain times can seem daunting.

We want to let you know that throughout this pandemic we have taken extra steps to establish a safe campus environment that allows us to stay open and operational. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please reach out to us! We are here to support you!