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VGC Partners With National Geographic Learning For New English Textbooks

VGC International College is delighted to announce its partnership with National Geographic Learning in publishing a new line of English learning textbooks designed to be more visual and engaging for our international students.

Published under the Life label, this six-level series is intended to provide young adult and adult English language learners with the grammar and vocabulary lessons they require as they’re moving through VGC’s English Equivalency Chart.

“We are thrilled to make such a high quality educational tool available to our students,” said Executive Director Dominic Walton. “Collaborating with National Geographic Learning allows us to continue providing the best possible educational environment for our students to reach their academic goals. Through these textbooks, we hope to create students that are more engaged, more motivated and keyed into success.”

A more engaging Global English

The new textbooks are tailored to complement VGC’s award-winning Global English program. This will advance our mission of equipping international students with the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills to master the form of English created specifically for non-native speakers.

But what makes these textbooks truly exceptional is that through our partnership with National Geographic Learning, we are able to leverage stunning content that the National Geographic brand is famous for. Practical English learning is weaved with intellectually stimulating topics, coupled with gripping imagery and video links. This combination transforms this learning module into a more interactive and immersive education experience.

“With its well scaffolded, integrated skills approach combined with innovative use of authentic materials and stunning National Geographic imagery, Life is the perfect option for our students. It focuses on engaging and contemporary real-life topics and encourages critical thinking and engagement with the world in which we live,” said Jude Conroy, Director of Studies. “This is a book which pushes students to not only improve their English skills but also prepares them to be successful in the real world – academically, professionally and personally.”

VGC and Nat Geo Learning Publish New English Textbooks

Who is National Geographic Learning?

A part of the global education technology company Cengage Group, National Geographic Learning is an acclaimed publisher of educational materials for the English Language and secondary education markets. These materials are designed with a highly interactive storytelling approach, drawing visual content from the National Geographic monthly magazine to supplement learning.

The next textbooks are now available and initially being distributed to new students and students that are leveling up.

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